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Using your technology outside of a Wi-Fi connection has been known to be costly. As the introductory hype to 4G dies down, now has become the best time to look at the prices and evaluate the benefits of paying more for 4G.

Although each network claims to provide a different rate of 4G, actual theoretical maximum download speeds prove to be much slower. However, it is still faster than what most people get on fixed-line ADSL connections and laptops connected to 4G now deliver a “near-identical” experience to that of one connected to Wi-Fi.


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When you'€™re in a high-pressure situation, there'€™s nothing like on-site response. Having Mark there to fix things when I was about to give my presentation was a life-saver. Being on the phone to a helpdesk 5 minutes before one of my major presentations just wasn'€™t an option. Congratulations to Mark and his team - well done lads!

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