End of Life for Windows XP

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Microsoft have announced that as from April 2014, Windows XP and Exchange Server 2003 will no longer be supported. For a lot of our clients running Windows SBS 2003, this will mark the need for a step-change to Cloud Computing. The upside is a smaller (and thus cheaper) in-office server, the downside of it is recurring monthly costs.

Which mini tablet is best for the small business user?

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So if you’re one of those people who saw that the hot product to buy this Christmas was a tablet, and if you’re wondering how good it would be for work use, which of the top 3 7-inch tablets should you go for? The Amazon Kindle, the Google Nexus 7, or the iPad Mini?

Well, strictly from a business point of view, the Kindle rules itself out. Amazon make a point of saying that they make no profit from Kindles, but what they do is to load it up with Amazon branding to the point that you can barely get away from it. This is therefore a machine for reading books and watching films, but not a good business tablet. From a business point of view, the iPad has more applications, such as Keynote and easy access to social media apps. such as Twitter, HootSuite and CRM applications.However, the Google Nexus may provide the best of both worlds – it has many of the useful apps that the iPad has, but without the eye-watering £100 price premium.

Whilst it lacks the build quality and range of apps., it does have a better screen resolution, and is in our opinion the best all-rounder.

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