Cloud Computing

How does Cloud Computing help me, the small business owner?

Low up-front costs
For the start-up company, or the business looking to expand without having to worry about large amounts of money for a new server, cloud computing can be a boon.

Superb reliability
E-mail services such as Microsoft Office 365 offer the sort of reliability that small businesses cannot match. In addition, e-mails are filtered for viruses and spam using the latest filtering systems, taking one more worry away from the business owner.

Big company benefits for small business owners
Advanced tools such as Out of Office, synchronised e-mail across devices (delete an e-mail from Outlook and watch it disappear from your iPhone seconds later), and file sharing between your team members and external contractors, even between continents, can be yours for a low fixed per-user per-month cost (typically around £10 per user per month).

Advanced Company Services
It’s not just about file sharing and e-mail. Other cloud services such as advanced CRM, cloud-based accounting systems and company-wide desktop sharing are available for the entrepreneur to make maximum impact. You can host your own webinars for hundreds of people from your spare room – all sorts of possibilities open up for the small business owner.

Micro Business Specialists
If you’re a business of 1-25 users, and interested in cloud computing, we’re your specialist advisers. TechDivision are experts in dealing with micro-businesses, so we know exactly what the most cost-effective systems are for you. We’re also a Microsoft Cloud Partner, and have many other partnerships with companies especially aimed at this sector.

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TechDivision performed a very efficient installation of a server, software upgrade and new PC for The Best of Richmond. They were extremely helpful and the disruption caused was minimal. We now have proper data back up in place and ongoing support from a great local firm. I can recommend them highly!

Nick Taimitarha
Managing Director
The Best of Richmond

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