Special Offers

At TechDivision, we specialise in providing local IT support.  Because of this, we can offer packages and service levels that most of our competitors wouldn’t think possible.

TechDivision offer 3 levels of fixed-price support to suit your budget.  In addition, we also offer the option of guaranteed response times for when disaster strikes, and you need a Techie on-site – right away.

Fixed price with full on-site support
Our premium product covers all of your hardware and technical support requirements within a single budget.  For £100 per server per month (minimum 1 server) and £30 per PC per month, we cover everything – all remote AND on-site support (unlike most IT companies).  For a single, easily budgeted payment, all of your IT requirements are covered.

Fixed price support (with quarterly on-site option)
For those who don’t need an all-inclusive price, and are confident that most of their problems can be solved remotely, we offer unlimited remote support with a quarterly on-site review, just to make sure your systems are ticking along as planned.

For a cost of £75 per server per month (minimum 1 server), plus £20 per PC per month, we provide remote monitoring and support of all your regular desktop and server issues.  In addition, we guarantee at least one on-site visit on a quarterly basis, so our Techies can personally check the hardware, and also flag up any potential issues you may have.  Any additional hours are then billed at £70 p/h (1 hour minimum).

Fixed price support (remote only option)
Finally, some customers may be confident that they won’t need any on-site support at all.  These are either our larger customers with existing in-house expertise who just need an IT expert on-call, or smaller clients with simple networks.  For remote-only, we charge £75 for the first PC / server per month, and £15 per PC per month, which includes unlimited remote support.  Additional call-out fees are £70 p/h (1 hour minimum)

Service Level Agreements
TechDivision pride ourselves on our speed of service.  Because we only work within the local area, we are uniquely positioned to respond rapidly in a crisis.  For business-critical issues, we can guarantee to be on-site within the hour if necessary.  Our agreed service levels are:

4 hour on-site 2 hours on-site 1 hour on-site
This is our standard service, and comes at no extra charge. For business-critical issues, we guarantee to have an engineer on-site within 4 working hours. Our 2-hour on-site guarantee comes at an additional premium of 50% over the standard cost of support. For example, a server with a 2-hour SLA on fixed price quarterly support would cost £112.50 per month to cover. Finally, our premium 1-hour response time comes at 3x the standard premium.  So for a server covered under the unlimited support option, the premium would be £300 per month with 1-hour on-site rapid response cover.


The TechDivision Promise
At TechDivision, we strongly believe in our core market, and know them well.  We only support businesses within the local area, and only Small and Medium Businesses – everything from Home Workers to 30-user networks.  We’ve been providing IT services in the local area since 2004, and have many happy testimonials.  So give us a call on the number below, and have a chat with us today about how we can help you to do what you do best – let you get on with your business, and let us worry about your IT.

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Mark installed a server last year for me and I haven't looked back. His recommendations were great and the service was exactly what I was looking for. I would not hesitate to recommend Mark - in fact I already have!

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