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We are all becoming more IT aware at home, from writing your thesis at university to shopping online, you need your computer working. As our awareness increases we are becoming more and more dependant on our computers.

If you are anything like us here at TechDivision, you will have all your photos digitally stored on your home computer. Think of all that family history, your university graduation photos, your first born, your wedding day – these are all unique to you and cannot be replaced. And don’t forget all those other files you store at home, your personal accounts, your song-lists, your coursework…and the list goes on. Always remember to backup. If you need advice or help with this give us a call.

No matter what your IT needs are, we can help. Our first priority is keeping systems working.

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N.B.: One piece of advice – where possible bring your computer to us. We only charge effective time in-house, and our hourly rate is less.

We provide a very broad range of services including:

  • IT audits
  • Networking
  • Disaster recovery
  • Virus Removal/Protection
  • Data Recovery
  • Wireless & Broadband

Call us for information on any of these, and more, services that we provide.
020 8891 3010

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TechDivision performed a very efficient installation of a server, software upgrade and new PC for The Best of Richmond. They were extremely helpful and the disruption caused was minimal. We now have proper data back up in place and ongoing support from a great local firm. I can recommend them highly!

Nick Taimitarha
Managing Director
The Best of Richmond

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