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Why trawl through hundreds of sites finding that best deal when we can find what you’re looking for faster and cheaper?

TechDivision’s focus on customers’ business needs leads us to recommending, supplying and installing a wide variety of equipment. Whether you need new computers, upgrades to existing boxes, a better printer, or just to speed things up a bit, TechDivision can work with your existing equipment and recommend where resources are best applied to see maximum return on investment.

By analysing customers’ business needs TechDivision can recommend, supply and install many different off-the-shelf software packages. Like most companies, we use Microsoft Office and are adept at tailoring solutions based on this. More specialised applications such as accounting, sales management and e-commerce can often be fulfilled using packaged software too.

Whether you are a small business or home user, just tell us what you want and we’ll find it.

Need Advice?
If you don’t know exactly what you want, speak with one of our techies. We can give you a few options and find out the costs. We can also help you with installation.

To order hardware or software contact:

For monthly IT tips for small business owners, send us your e-mail address.


When you'€™re in a high-pressure situation, there'€™s nothing like on-site response. Having Mark there to fix things when I was about to give my presentation was a life-saver. Being on the phone to a helpdesk 5 minutes before one of my major presentations just wasn'€™t an option. Congratulations to Mark and his team - well done lads!

Nigel Botterill
Managing Director
The Entrepreneurs' Circle

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